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    OL5 install partitioning hangs

      I am trying to install Unbreakable Oracle Linux 5.8 on a VMware server, 5.0.0. Total free disc space on ther server is ~885 GB, I am trying to install the OS with 875 GB. I am attempting a standard installation with only a base system, selecting the default partitioning scheme. I have tried both the 64 and 32 bit ISOs, both fail during patitioning at "/ file system". I have attempted 40 GB installations which were successful, the ISOs are valid. Is there a maximum disc space value for the hard drive with VMware? Does the the OS require a certain amount of "free" disc space, I want to utilize as much space is as possible. Thanks in advance for your help.
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          This really is a question about VMware. Oracle Linux 5.8 uses ext3, which has a max. file system size limit of 16 TB. Normally you use a dynamic expandable disk image for your virtual machine, which grows as the system demands more space; it has a max size, but the space it not allocated unless used.