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    Using dsrk searchrate to test LDAP: impacts of '-k' switch

      I'm running some test with searchrate on cusomer environment.
      I've run these 2 test from the same system targetting the same DS using the following command line (with and without -k switch):
      # /app/dsee11/dsee7/dsrk/bin/searchrate -h ldpxxx-se02.customer.it -p 8389 -b o=basedn -s sub -i infile.txt -t 50 -f '(cn=%s)' -C 10 
      With '-k: keep connections open' switch I've these results:
      Avg r=2316.40/thr (23164.00/sec), total=115820
      Without '-k':
      Avg r=  67.12/thr (671.20/sec), total=  3356
      The difference in term of search/sec is huge!
      I'ld guess that don't using '-k' involves a TCP/IP handshake for every search. But I did not expect it making such a performance dropping .

      Any clues?