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    Hyperion Reporting and Analysis 9.3.3 change hostname

      I have a installation with Hyperion Financial Management 9.3.3, Financial Data Quality Management 9.3.3 and Financial Reporting 9.3.3.
      The installation is distributed on four Windows 2003 server.

      The server have been moved to a new domain and their hostnames were changed. I run the foundation configuration tool on all servers
      and changed all the hostnames. After this, all services started successfully. Workspace and Shared Services are working. But i have problems
      with Reporting and Analysis. WebAnalyis doesn't start, following error occurs:
      Could not start critical service: "assignable.admin", all services are being rolled back.

      All the report links in workspace are pointing to the old hostname. And I'm unable to connect to the reporting server with Financial Reporting Studio.

      How can I reconfigure Reporting and Analysis with the new hostname? Have i missed some other steps to change the hostname?

      Thanks for your help.
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          Vivek Chetiaparath
          What errors do you get when login to FR studio?
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            After login i get a message box with the error message: Unknown Error

            The log has following entries:

            03-27 08:18:01 ERROR HRFoundationClient     Unknown Error
            03-27 08:18:02 ERROR HRFoundationClient     
                 at com.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.HRFoundationClient.getTRCPService(Unknown Source)
                 at com.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.HRFoundationClient.getRoot(Unknown Source)
                 at com.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.ReportStoreManagerImpl.getRoot(Unknown Source)
                 at com.hyperion.reporting.javacom.ReportStoreManagerComImpl.getRoot(Unknown Source)
            03-27 08:18:02 ERROR HRFoundationClient     null
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              For the error related to 'assignable.admin' make sure you verify the following :

              1. check if you are able to launch Web Analysis from workspace using Tools -> Links -> WebAnalysis studio.

              2. If not, double check the configURL in the Web Analysis.properties file, the configurl should point to the workspace servername and webserver port.
              For example : For Apache, make sure the url is like - http://workspace_server_name:19000/workspace/browse/configURL

              You may double check this by copy pasting it in a browser which will bring the configuration file.

              3. Final option will be to reconfigure Web Analysis with workspace choosing 'Application server deployment' and 'Webserver configuration'.

              Once the changes are done, please verify if 'assignable.admin' status is successful when you hit the following url 'http://webanalysis_server_name:16000/WebAnalysis/Config