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    RMAN BACKUP configured to asm

      Vinoth here.....Hi to all

      We have rman backup in our environment and rman backup location is in local server '/oracle/app/oracle/rman_backpup' like this, when i check with that physical location no backup file is found. It seems like backup is stored in asm diskgroup '+DGBACKUP'. I am confused because i saw the rman log file which is written to a file during the rman backup process, it shows the backup is available in '/oracle/app/oracle/rman_backpup'. can anyone explain hw it happens because i am new to asm environment.

      Thanks in advance
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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          you gave little to no information to really help you further.

          => How does your RMAN script to do backup look like?
          => What does "list backup" tell you?
          => How is your db_recovery_file_dest set to?
          => What version of DB are you using, Is this single instance or RAC etc.etc.?

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            Not knowing what your script looks like, it is because you have more than likely configured db_recovery_file_dest=+DGBACKUP.

            you may need modify your script to point your disk backup to your back up file system. Reading the documentation should give you what you need.
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              See my List Backup looks like as below

              BS Key Type LV Size Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
              ------- ---- -- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
              823 Full 15.15G DISK 00:03:39 05-AUG-12
              BP Key: 823 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag: FULLBKP
              Piece Name: /oracle/backup/SMHPMBLD00/today/bckdat_790488273_827_1_prnhr p6h_1_SMCPROD.bkp
              List of Datafiles in backup set 823
              File LV Type Ckp SCN Ckp Time Name
              ---- -- ---- ---------- --------- ----
              3 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafile/undotbs1.258.77854121                                                                                        9
              4 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafile/users.259.778541219
              7 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_ris_data_01.dbf
              9 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_pacs_data_01.dbf
              11 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_pacs_data_02.dbf
              12 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_pacs_data_03.dbf
              14 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_pacs_data_05.dbf
              16 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafiles/ts_pacs_data_07.dbf
              17 Full 256379481 05-AUG-12 +DATA/smcprod/datafile/system.274.789902945

              [oracle@smhpmbld00 today]$ pwd
              [oracle@smhpmbld00 today]$ ls
              [oracle@smhpmbld00 today]$
              But i didnt find any backup piece in the path: /oracle/backup/SMHPMBLD00/today/bckdat_790488273_827_1_prnhr
              But backups are found in the location below and it is in Zip file


              [oracle@smhpmbld00 SMHPMBLD00]$ ls
              backup_2012-06-26_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-07_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-18_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-29_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-06-27_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-08_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-19_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-30_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-06-28_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-09_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-20_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-31_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-06-29_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-10_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-21_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-08-01_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-06-30_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-11_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-22_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-08-02_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-07-01_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-12_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-23_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-08-03_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-07-02_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-13_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-24_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-08-04_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-07-03_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-14_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-25_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-08-05_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-07-04_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-15_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-26_SMCPROD.tar.gz today
              backup_2012-07-05_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-16_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-27_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              backup_2012-07-06_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-17_SMCPROD.tar.gz backup_2012-07-28_SMCPROD.tar.gz
              [oracle@smhpmbld00 SMHPMBLD00]$ pwd

              sho parameter db_rec

              NAME TYPE VALUE
              ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
              db_recovery_file_dest string +DGFLASH
              db_recovery_file_dest_size big integer 5727M
              db_recycle_cache_size big integer 0

              Oracle 11G R2 Rac DB 2 node

              **How to find the Rman script, and where is it placed?**

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                Hi Friends,

                Finally i got the RMAN Backup script file and i came to know that they are taking backup as they specified in the RMAN LOG location and then it is compressed to another location, so that the backup is not placed in the ASM disk. Thanks for ur support

                Vinoth R