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    Duplicate layer in Pivot table

      Hi Experts,

      What is the need of duplicate layer in povit layer if we want to create any columns we do it in compound layout and again we will go for pivot table right.

      Pivot table is for seeing different prospects of data by changing rows and columns vice versa in which situation we have to go for duplicate layer and calculated item in pivot table the things which we can do in pivot is we can do the same things in compound layout also right .


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          We can see the data in different views in pivot table as you mentioned above.

          As per my understanding , your question is why we create duplicate layer and calculated item in pivot table view.
          Duplicate layer: case 1:If we want to use the same column in rows and measures
          case 2:If want any dummy column we can go for duplicate layer.

          calculated item:We can add the filter to the pivot table properties by using calculated item.

          Compound layout is the combination of different views.If we combine the individual views then it will generate the compound layout.

          If any queries please let me know.....with details of your question.
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