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    Network Level Authentication - NLA questions

      We have installed SRS 5.3.1 on Solaris 10 u9 SPARC with Windows 2008r2 Remote Desktop Services as the desktop provider. W2k8 had NLA configured as the default. The Windows connector, uttsc, correctly complained that the server required NLA. We set "-N on" on the uttc CLI which then told us that we needed to supply the -u and -p options. This is not possible for this site since the users access the Windows desktop using a DoD CAC card. We also tried "-N off" to force RDP Security but got the same messages from uttsc which seems odd.

      From the SRS 5.3 Administration Guide we see that in order to use NLA, we must supply the -u and -p options on the uttsc CLI. Based on this, we disabled NLA on the servers and uttsc works as expected now without the "-N" option on the uttsc CLI.

      QUESTION: Is there a way to configure uttsc to use NLA and smartcard + PIN access to Windows?