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    Re: Nextver field

    Ben Speckhard-Oracle
      The other thread was locked, so I need to respond here.

      The nextver field is a comma-separated list of version numbers. They are not always 5 digits, but they can be. Version numbers are created with a sequence. The row can be split until the size of this column reaches 500. If you need support beyond this limit, I would recommend filing a SR to log an enhancement request.

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          Nextver field was locked because it was from 2004 and some very new forum user resurrected it to ask a new question. They should have been polite and posted their inquiry freshly new. Then they would have availed themselves of actually getting assistance directed to them.

          Thus some moderator froze it to prevent the thread being hijacked away from the original poster. By the way, that O.P. hasn't posted anything to the forums since that 2004 date.
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            ... and now that the topic with that new forum member is utterly fragmented as time proceed forward (they'll likely never realize you were replying to them), this thread is also locked.