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    ASM Oracle


      I will begin to install Oracle Clusterware (11gR2), but I need to know how much space should I apply for the ASM instance?

      What size should I apply the shared disk to the nodes?

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          No way we can help you as we don't know if the size of your database is 100MB or 100PB.

          Going further we have no idea where you are going to put the FRA.
          We have no idea how many redo log groups, members, or their size.

          Based on your question my recommendation is that your organization hire a consultant to both help you with the project and provide some needed training.
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            Thanks for your reply.

            We will use the high availability Clusterware with a TimesTen database. We do not know the size you would use the ASM instance for this case.

            We will not use the Clusterware for RAC database.

            We could help please?
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              Sizing has everything to do with the size of what you are doing to store.

              Absent this information that you have not provided no help is possible.

              Essentially your question reads like this: "How much concrete do I need for the construction project I am about to start."

              We don't know if you are building a garden shed or Buckingham Palace.
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                Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle
                Hi RLarios,

                if you are using the Oracle Clusterware (Grid Infrastructure) not for the purpose of handling an Oracle RDBMS database, nor for a shared filesystem on top of ASM,
                but solely for the reason to survey other applications (like Times Ten), then your sizing information actually is in the documentation:


                The diskgroup in ASM only needs to store the OCR and the voting disks.

                However if you plan to use ACFS or an RDBMS database, then I can only give you the same answer as the damorgan.


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                  A few questions :-

                  - Is the Timesten a frontend for a remote Oracle Database?
                  - Are you choosing Clusterware only to have HA for Timesten?
                  - How do you plan to integrate Timesten with Clusterware?