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    Modify mirror disks

      Howdy All,

      I have a SST6140 and with 3 trays and I would like to have my vdisks be tray-redundant. However, when I create a raid10 with 4 disks, it automatically chooses to mirror the disks in the same tray. Is there anyway I can change this? EX:

      ./sscs list -a SST6140r01 vdisk vdisk1
      Virtual Disk: vdisk1
      Status: Optimal
      State: Ready
      Number of Disks: 4
      RAID Level: 1
      Total Capacity: 557.793 GB
      Configured Capacity: 231.312 GB
      Available Capacity: 326.481 GB
      Array Name: SST6140r01
      Array Type: 6140
      Disk Type: Fibre Channel
      Security: non-secure
      Maximal Volume Size: 326.480 GB
      Associated Disks:
      Disk:               t85d01
      Disk:               t0d01
      Disk:               t85d06
      Disk:               t0d06

      [gt] root@otamon1 # ./sscs list -a SST6140r01 disk t85d01
      Tray: 85 Disk: t85d01
      Capacity: 279.396 GB
      Type: Fibre Channel
      Speed (RPM): 15015
      Status: Optimal
      State: Enabled
      Role: Data
      Mirror Disk:       t85d06
      Virtual Disk: vdisk1
      Firmware: 091C
      Serial number: 0920C1T4QL 3QP1T4QL
      WWN: 20:00:00:1D:38:F5:C7:08:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
      Security Capable: false
      Security Enabled: false
      Disk Locked: false
      Security Key Id:

      I do not have access to the CAM gui... CLI is necessary.

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          When you create new vdisk you can not just say number of disk but select required disk.
          You need select correct option.

          IMHO - GUI is not problem as require just standart browser.

          In case CLI use:

          create -a <array-name> -p <pool-name> -d <disk-name[,disk-name...]> [-S] vdisk <virtual-disk-name>

          -d - for specify all required disk at correct order.

          More Docs:

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            Howdy Niki,

            Thank you for taking a look...

            In fact, I have tried a number of different combinations and they all result in the same way... regardless of the order I put the disks in the create, it will mirror the disks in the same tray.

            I have also tried creating a vdisk with just 2 disk, and then expanding it but the result is also the same.. it will mirror the disks in the same tray.

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              Please show what command you use and what virtual disk was created after.