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    No Times on Resource Gantt Chart

      I'm trying to plot a resource gantt chart and the display is only showing the date portion, with all times truncated to 12:00am. I know I have valid date information stored in the DB. My query is as follows:
      select NULL link,
             s.AIRCRAFT ID,
             a.MANUFACTURER||' '||a.MODEL||' ('||a.TAIL_NUMBER||')' NAME,
             null PARENT_ID,
             s.END_DATE ACTUAL_END
        from AIR_MASTER_SCHEDULE s,
             AIR_AIRCRAFT a
       where s.AIRCRAFT = a.ID
      The output from the query is as follows:
      LINK     ID     NAME               PARENT_ID     ACTUAL_START          ACTUAL_END
      -     1     Cessna 152 (02G)      -          08/07/2012 10:00am     08/07/2012 12:00pm
      I see there is a Date Format in Gantt Setttings, but I'm not sure if this has any bearing as changing it does not seem to affect the outcome. Any Suggestions?