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    Autosys to Oracle Scheduler conversion

      I have an old Legacy installation of CA Autosys 4.5. I’ve been tasked with reviewing Oracle Scheduler as a possible replacement for Autosys. It is a very simple installation with ‘Scheduler’ and ‘Remote Agent’ on the same server as the Oracle Database. The vast majority of the work done by Autosys is running KSH shell scripts. There seems to be very little Autosys specific implementation (Only a few box jobs; zero or very few filewatchers; very few Autosys specific commands).

      A cursory review seems to indicate that this will be possible. Does anyone have any insight into this type of conversion?

      Box jobs vs Chains?

      Autosys vs Oracle Scheduler performance/resource utilization?

      Converting JIL to PL-SQL (DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_PROGRAM for example)?

      Security? Will my KSH script run as the Oracle UNIX user? How to run as another OS user?

      How is redirection of std out/err from my Korn shell script handled? Would I simply add that information to the program_action column?

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          Oracle Scheduler is a substantially superior product in just about every way imaginable.

          1. Works the same on every hardware platform and operating system.
          2. Requires knowledge of only a single product and language across all platforms.
          3. Work can be exported/imported
          4. Work is backed up with normal RMAN backup
          5. Works seamlessly if moving from single-instance to RAC
          6. Performance is identical
          7. Data dictionary provides lots of metrics
          8. Far more secure
          9. I'd favour tossing out the KSH scripts and coding it all inside the database to leverage the increased portability ... but either way ... plunk the output into tables or write it to a text file.

          The demos here may help:
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            Thanks for the response,
            I think I agree with everything you said.
            "I'd favour tossing out the KSH scripts and coding it all inside the database."

            Me too and that will increase performace because shell script woudln't need to waste resources on a sql net connection. But unfortunatly a lot of what my scripts do is move files around, or create oracle reports (I'd like to toss that also).

            I have 3 chapters of the Oracle Admin guide to read on concepts, 116 pages of pl_sql package reference, and "Mastering Oracle Sheduler" by Ronald Room.