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    Migration of Apex Workspace/Reports from Oracle 11i to R12 Oracle applicati

      Hi All,

      We need help/suggestion for migartionof APEX reports.
      We are planning to migrate the existing APEX Reports and forms in Oracle 11i to our new R12 Oracel Application instanse.

      Current Environment:

      APEX Product Build:
      Schema Compatibility: 2011.02.12

      Database Version:
      CORE Production
      NLSRTL Version - Production
      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
      PL/SQL Release - Production
      TNS for Linux: Version - Production

      Character Set:

      What will be better approach to achieve this.

      Aftre R12 application has been installed, can anyone help us with teh following
      1)What are the Pre requiste Steps we have to follow for migration?
      2)Migartion steps
      3)Post Migration steps?

      Most of the reports have been developed on 11i application tables and we are examining any difference in the table structure change in R12, if there is a change in table structure how we can proceed with migration?

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          Rod West

          How much your existing Apex reports and forms are affected by an upgrade from 11i to R12 depends very much on how Apex is integrated into your e-Business Suite.

          The key difference between 11i and R12 is in the infrastructure. With R12 you must use a separate web server for Apex if you are not doing this already. With a separate web server you may also need to change the way you are linking to Apex from Oracle Applications.

          The Apex installation in the database will not be affected by an R12 upgrade as it is all in separate schemas. However, if your Apex applications are depended on 11i tables structures then they may be affected by the upgrade. Some Oracle Applications such as HR have very few table changes. In other areas, the table structure is so different you may want to consider re-designing the report. You may be able to avoid changing your Apex applications by creating views over the eBS tables that present the data in the way you need for your Apex application.

          Hope that helps,
          Rod West
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            Hi Rod,

            Thanks for the reply and giving explaination of difference between 11i and R12 upgrade.
            We are not upgrading the 11i instanse to R12.
            At present client has 11i and they want to implement fresh R12 on different instnase(from the scratch), so

            we have following questions can you please provide your suggestions.

            At Present

                           Current     Future
            Oracel Application     *11i*     R12
            Instanse Name          AAA     BBB
            is it Upgarde?          NO     NO
            New Implemenation     No     Yes
            Apex Version          *4.1*     +4.1+
            Apex Host name          CCC     we still don’t know it will be the same host or different

            1)Can you please let us know in order to test this migration/copy from 11i to R12 (new implementation), what are all we need?

            2)We have a CRP instanse with R12 installed can we ask our DBA to make this R12 CRP instanse as APEX host for our testing? I mean, can we have both APEX and R12 be on the same host? or do we need separte host for APEX, if so how we can intergrate with our R12 CRP instanse with APEX?

            Once again thanks Rod.