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    Ago Function gives NULL values

    Gaurav Pandya

      I need help regarding Ago function available at column level in BMM.
      I am not at all receiving any error. Unfortunately after Ago function implementation i am getting NULL values for that particular column.
      Here are my implementation steps for getting "Month Ago" values for "Amout column" in Sales table.

      1. i have created Time dimension hieararchy.
      It is like this - Year - > Quarter - > Month - > Actual Date
      2. Defining Keys and making them chronological are also done.
      3. Actual Date is the PK and joins with my Fact.
      4. "Amount" Column in Fact is set to 'Sum'.
      5. i created a new column named " Amount Month Ago" and set following logic to its expression builder.

      Ago("AR Reserve"."Fact - AR Reserve Calc Dtl"."Amount" ,  "AR Reserve"."Dim - TimeDim"."Month" , 1)

      I have not received any error.
      Once i pull this new column (Amont Month Ago) into the presentation layer and try to create a Tabular report. It is not showing any value. Other column values are OK as expected.

      I know i am missing something important here.

      Requesting you all to guide me. I am working on OBIEE 10g.