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    Ops Center 12c w/ OVM 3.1.1?

      Is anybody successfully using Ops Center 12c with OVM 3.1.1?

      The discovery of the OVM Manager is failing for me. Without the manager, it's difficult to manage the OVSs....

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          We have it running fine on 3.0.3, but I'm not sure if we've tested this on 3.1 or 3.1.1 yet. Appears to work ok..
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            I got it working. I had to set it to use port 7001 and protocol HTTP with the admin username/password.

            Do you have the agent set up on the OVSs? It defaults to port 8899, which has something listening, but I'm not sure how to authenticate to it.
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              You will have to configure Secure TCP (TCPS) for Oracle VM Manager (Doc ID 1456338.1)

              Your OVMM is listening on port localhost.localdomain:54321 it should be listening on *.54321.
              The only way to get it working is to configure a secure TCPS. This will allow your OVMM to listen on *.54322

              Remember when you add the OVMM asset select port 54322 and TCPS.

              Good luck.
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                Thanks 894351. Your reference to the doc above fixed my issue of getting OVM 3.1.1 discovered by Ops Center 12c:

                Using Bundled Scripts

                When you perform a fresh install of Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1, scripts are provided under /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/bin of the Oracle VM Manager server
                •secureOvmmTcpGenKeyStore.sh: create the keystore
                •secureOvmmTcp.sh: use the generated keystore to enable the TCPS service for Oracle VM Manager