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    ORA-12523 on RAC installation 10GR2 on CentOS4.6


      I am installing a RAC configuration on VMWARE for migration to 11gR2 testing.
      The clusterware is fine, so are the other services, listener and ASM instances, but whan dbca mount and create the diskgroups they are mounted on the node runing the installation only and I have the following message:

      Could not mount the diskgroup on remote node taurus using connection
      service taurus:1521:+ASM2. Ensure that the listener is running on this node
      and the ASM instance is registered to the listener. Received the following error:

      Listener refused the connection with the following error:
      ORA-12523, TNS:listener could not find instance appropiate for the client
      The connection descriptor used by the client was:

      The listener is up, the both ASM instances are up and the names used are ASM1 and ASM2, the node is responding at ping, as described, I do not know what to do next...

      Can anyoane please help? Why the dbca is not capable to contact the +ASM2 instance which was created by him, in the few minutes before?
      Is this a known bug?
      The version of clusterware is 10204 and the database is 10201 on CentOS.
      I want to patch the database after, in 10204 to...

      Any help will be apreciated...
      Thank you