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    How could I install Oracle Linux 6.3.

      When I am going to install oracle Linux 6.3 in my machine after selecting the installation option(i.e "Install or Upgrading the existing system" or "Install system with basic video driver") nothing is appearing except a blank screen. Please help.

      My machine config is as bellow.

      Mother Board : Asus P5Q Pro
      Processor : Core2Duo 2.8GHz
      RAM : 6GB
      Video Card : Nvdia GForce 9 series
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          Nvdia GForce 9 series is not a server type video card. Oracle Linux and other RHEL derivatives are designed for server hardware. You might want to keep this in mind because there may be additional problems. Your mileage will vary.

          Regarding your problem, it sounds like you are experiencing a typical compatibility or support problem with your video card DRM. A common way around this problem is to disable support for Kernel Mode Setting (KMS). You can test this by setting the nomodeset Linux kernel parameter by pressing any key at the very system startup to enter the grub bootloader menu.
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