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    General CEP questions

      Is there any dashboard kind of tool or Add-on in Oracle CEP?
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          Junger He
          We have visualizer. It's a pluggable component. It's based on http server. and you can use it to view the servers/applications, and the event throughput/latency with visualizer.

          Could you elaborate your requirement? If you want chart views of the processed result, you need your own web application.


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          Edited by: Junger He on Aug 8, 2012 2:04 AM
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            I need chart views to display data ? is there java script only option for chart view in oracle cep?
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              There are no charting tools for cep, with 12c release we would be having Beam integrated with OEP for this purpose. Currently if you need anything to char you can use javascript / ajax api's to do that, we can publish events to a http pub-sub channel using a http-pub adapter and then using ajax api we can directly access thos events to do the necessary charting.

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                Thank you patha for gave a nice solution for my question.