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    How To Call SQL Server SP's in Oracle 11G


      I have sucessfuly established the connectivity between Oracle 11G and SQl Server 2008 and I am able to select the data from views or tables of sql server in oracle.

      but now I have 1 issue I am not able to call or execute the SP's or function of sql server in oracle 11G.

      Can you please suggest or help me.


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          Which gateway are you using to connect to SQL*Server ? Is it the Database Gateway for SQL*Server (DG4MSQL) or Database Gateway for ODBC (DG4ODBC) ?

          If it is DG4MSQL then have a look at this note in My Oracle Support -

          Different Methods For Calling MS SQL Server Procedures Using DG4MSQL (Doc ID 197192.1)

          If you still have problems using DG4MSQL then post an example of what you are trying to do and the errors you receive.

          If you are using DG4ODBC then this does not support calling remote stored procedures.


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