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    User POV does not pop up from Report in task list


      I've created a report within Related Content in HFM and added it to a task list--the problem I'm experiencing is when I run the report the User POV does not pop up, rather it simply uses the default POV (ie, whatever is set up in data grids or process management)--this happens if I try to run it directly from Related Content or from the task list. My preferences within Financial Reporting have already been updated to 'On' to preview the User POV and if I run the report from Financial Reporting (ie, Explore) the User POV works fine--so, it seems like adding a report to Related Content disables the User POV from popping up. I'm running on Financial Reporting v11.1.2.1 and HFM v11. I can't find anything about it within this forum, knowledge base or as a known issue in the ReadMe for the .104 patch set for HFM.

      Can anybody fill me in on if this is functionality by design or a defect?

      Best regards,
      Jason Call
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          Financial Reports do not work as you might expect when they are used as a related content item. As you already have realized, you will not be able to adjust the FR POV items from inside of HFM.

          A 'work around' would be to link to the report and put that link in the Tasklist. This will then open the report 'normally' and you will get the POV functionality that you expect.

          To find the link to a report, open the report's properties and look at the 'smartcut' value. (That is a URL directly to the report)
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