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    Recovery Scenario: loss of controlfiles and I have not backup of them


      I am in 10g ( on Linux, Single Instance.

      I am practicing recovery scenarios.

      Guess I have my database functioning well.

      10:00am: I take backup full, I have not taked backup from controlfiles and
      I don't have RMAN controlfile snapshot activated neither any mechanism to
      backup the controlfiles.
      I have not backup of controlfiles
      I have not any snapshot where the controlfile is
      I am not working with RMAN Catalog
      In a general way I have no backup of controlfiles

      10:30am: 20 archives are generated

      10:31am: Suddently I loss all controlfiles and datafiles.
      I have my full backup and all archives in disk.

      In this case I need a controlfile to begin the restore, recover, etc
      but the problem is that I don't have any controlfile.

      How can I do to recover the database ?