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    Database is High Protection Mode

      Dear Friends,

      I configured dataguard standby database in oracle 11g.Then i did the following scenario's.
      1)I changed the protection mode to "High protection".
      2)Shutdown the standby database.

      As per the document, The primary database shutdown when standby database is down in High Protection Mode.
      But my primary database did not shutdown. But if i fire "alter system switch logfile;", It get hangs. But parllely, I can able to login to primary db as normal user.

      Can anybody explain what happen if database in "High Protection" Mode?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Can you post the results of this run on the Primary :
          The Protection modes are "Maximum availability", "Maximum performance","Maximum protection" They are described in detail here

          1.4 Data Guard Protection Modes - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e10700.pdf

          If you search E10700-02 there is no "High protection" mode, so I'm not sure what you did. Maximum availability provides the highest protection, but also requires "SYNC" for your log_archive_dest_n parameter.

          My own example is here :


          Best Regards


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            We think you meant to say maximum protection mode.
            As per the oracle doc,it says the primary will shutdown when it is not able to make communication with standby.And thats true.
            Once you shutdown standby, observe both alert log of primary.
            Oracle doc doesnt says primary will shutdown immediately if its not able to make connection with standby.
            It will try making connection to standby DB for a amount of time and then primary instance gets aborted.

            Wait for some time and see whats going on in alert log of primary.

            you will see what you need.