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    B2B user relationship for "contact of" and "employee of" user in oracleTCA

    L S P..
      Hi all,

      I have some issues, related to b2b customer relationship with "contact of" and "employee of" users. Actually my question is how the both user type is differed with the organization or customer and what are the difference for both "contact of" and "employee of" user in oracle TCA.

      Please help..

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          Hello Prab,

          The relationship type depends on how the user was created. For example, in the Receivables / Order Management when you create a customer and create a contact for the organization. The contact is created with relationship_code as 'CONTACT_OF' in HZ_RELATIONSHIPS. These users can then later register for online access.

          However, if you have CRM modules such as iStore the registered business user and users created by Primary Users are created with with relationship_code as 'EMPLOYEE_OF' in HZ_RELATIONSHIPS.

          As per discussion in the iStore documentation:
          " A contact is characterized by contact information only; no username, password, roles, or responsibilities are awarded."
          When a user is created (with username and password defined), the party ID of the company is associated with an FND_USER. In Oracle TCA, contacts and users** are created with an "employee of" relationship type of the primary user's company."

          ** iStore contacts and users

          In Release 12, you can have either relationship and this will be displayed in the CRM HTML Administration for User Management and Pending Approvals.
          Related discussion: ' How Can CRM Administrator View Users with 'Contact_Of' and 'Employee_Of' Relationship in CRM User Admin Screen' (Doc ID 400150.1)

          Thank You,
          Deborah Bourgeois, Oracle Customer Support
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