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    coarse stiping

      Gud mrning

      (its gud mrng in India.)
      I am unable to understand the following lines by oracle docs.

      After 20000 upto 40000 extents extent sets are alaways allocated 8 at a time with the extent size equal to to 4AU.

      What My understanding is:

      Lets assume I have 4 disks . AU size is 1 mb. Then Extent size are 4AU. I am confused with the allocation of a extent. Whether one extent is allocated in one disk only. Or, it will be allocated to different disk. And If one extent will be allocated to different disk, that means first AU of 4AUs(that is one extent here) will go into disk1,then second AU of 4AUs will go into disk 2 and so on thus allocating one extent in 4 disks. Now since 8 extents are allocated at a time, Rest of the seven extents are also allocated in the same way.

      Please let me know whether I am rigth.