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    Periodic SPI-Psix

      I have a finished project with the actuals reflected, at hand, from which I’d like to get monthly reports. What I mostly want from the report is what the project performance in terms of SPI was at the time, which activities were critical and what wach activity total float was. Since the project is over, It keeps giving a blank column as for the total float in the report. How can I know what each task’s TF and SPI has been at each time frame? (in my case every month) Any insight is very much appreciated
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          What software are you using?
          Primavera scheduling only keeps cumulative information, so if you kept monthly archives with your baseline you could simply go back and obtain the SV$ and BAC$ for each month and calculate it using a spread sheet.

          If you are using Cost Manager through the lifecycle of the project
          , well it SHOULD have this report and graph already defined.