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    Creating Migration Definition in Hyperion Shared Services

      Hi All.

      Can some one tell how we can create a Migration Definition in Shared Services of version
      I know that we can save the migration from HSS as an xml in while doing LCM export/import in Shared Services Console.

      I am trying to export only few objects of the Planning application to file system.
      If I have this migration definition, I can automate and do it frequently with out logging into HSS console.

      Any help on creating this migration definition is helpful

      Mahesh Balla
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          The export.xml which is created after taking Back Up is the can be used as Migration Definition xml in

          Steps would be:-

          1) Take the back up of required artifacts.
          2) Browse to the location where back up is stored in
          3) You will find an export.xml file in the folder of the concerned LCM back up.
          4) The export.xml will be your migration defination.

          It is somewhat like following :-
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <User name="" password=""/>
          <Source type="Application" product="HP" project="Default Application Group" application="<AppName>"/>
          <Target type="FileSystem" filePath="/HP-<AppName>"/>
          <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Configuration" pattern="*"/>
          <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Global Artifacts" pattern="*"/>
          <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Plan Type" pattern="*"/>
          <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Relational Data" pattern="*"/>
          <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Security" pattern="*"/>
          Hope this helps.