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    can not access an outside host when running inside a web app

      The platform is Oracle Linux release 6 update 2 for X86_64. We are running into an error trying to access
      a host while running in a jsp that is calling some java code. The same java code works fine runnng from a
      standalone class. The error is this:

      Could not reach the desired host. Check your network connection

      We can ping the host without any problems. The jsp is running on Jboss. /etc/resolv.conf is configured
      with dns settings and has read permissions for all.

      Is there any restriction for web apps accessing hosts? Are there any settings that need to be done somewhere to enable this for web apps? Are there any firewall settings that prevent the web apps from accessing the host, but the standslone programs are not subject to them?

      We did set the firewall off using:
      /sbin/service iptables stop
      chkconfig iptables off