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    autofs issues with kickstarting OEL 6.3

      Folks - I have a kickstart environment that i have been using for some time now. I have installed OEL6.2 via this environment, and everything went well. I attempted to install a 6.3 using the same kickstart file, however the process does not like the following line:
      service autofs start
      I get an error message in my log file that states "Loading autofs4: FAILED" and any automounts (/net/...) i have (used to copy local files on to the system) do not mount. When the node comes up i can mount and copy these files, just not during the kickstart process.

      What has changed or what i am doing wrong? I would like to get autofs running during the kickstart process for the ease of use.


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          Just a guess, since nobody else replied.... Perhaps it's a problem with the autofs driver. Linux kernel drivers can be built into the kernel or built as modules.
          # lsmod | grep autofs
          autofs4                26149  3 
          # find /lib/modules -name autofs4
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            Thanks Dude, i had a look at that already and it only muddied the water. It seems that the kernel that is booted during a kickstart does not have autofs built in (which also seems to be different from OEL6u2). When i do an modprobe autofs it tells me it cannot read the modules.dep file for the kernel i am running (which is different then the 2 that are being installed). I was able to get around this problem by doing an NFS mount out of my kickstart file and running the configuration scrips from the mount point.

            It is possible that i have missed something else in the install, that i had in OEL6u2, so i will try the packages from that kickstart file and see if the problem persists.