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    File  Adapter :- Handling Large documents


      I am currently working on File Adapter. Reading large documents and writing the same in to some other file location.

      I came across the following techniques:

      1. Scalable DOM
      2. File Chunk Read.

      Can any one help me the exact use cases of the above mentioned techniques in File Adapter.

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          Look at:

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            Amy Childress-Oracle
            1. Scalable DOM - is used to move/copy large files intact.
            2. File Chunk Read - is used to process large documents (it uses a while loop).

            When you're using File ChunkRead, you can take a large document with many elements and for each of those elements, perform some operations.

            **Oracle File Adapter Scalable DOM

            This use case demonstrates how a scalable DOM process uses the streaming feature to copy/move huge files from one directory to another.
            The streaming option is not supported with DB2 hydration store.
            You can obtain the Adapters-103FileAdapterScalableDOM sample by accessing the Oracle SOA Sample Code site.

            **Oracle File Adapter ChunkedRead

            This is an Oracle File Adapter feature that uses an invoke activity within a while loop to process the target file. This feature enables you to process arbitrarily large files.
            You can obtain the Adapters-106FileAdapterChunkedRead sample by accessing the Oracle SOA Sample Code site.


            An additional reference that may be helpful is, Handling Binary Content and Large Documents in Oracle SOA Suite 11g
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              Thanks for your quick reply.
              As per your reply on Scalable DOM and FileChunk Read : I am still confused to differ their individual functionalities.

              For Ex:- I can handle large documents using either Scalable DOM or FileChunkRead.
              I want to know the use case where we can use ScalableDOM to handle large documents and the use case where we can use File Chunk Read.

              I dont think so using while loop in File chunk read is its functionality. I can use the same logic(while loop) while handling large documents using Scalable DOM.

              Kindly describe the functionalities of above mentioened techniques separately so that I can understand the functional use cases of them.

              correct me If I am wrong.

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                Hi Arik ,

                Thanks for the quick reply, also for the links !!!

                I have gone through the links mentioned by you. I do have some questions about the functionalities of ScalableDOM and File Chunk Read.

                If you do have any use case on the above mentioned , Please share it so that I can get better understanding on "When Scalable DOM can be used" and "When File Chunk Read can ve used"

                Link talks about moving large documents from one file directory to another. What I am confused about is : Both Scalable DOM and FileChunk Read can perform , where do they differ in implementing such scenarios from functional point of view.