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    Oracle 10g - iSQL *Plus URL issue


      I am new to the forum. I have two questions which are:

      a) I am unable to run a script from a HTML page. I am getting the following error:
           SP2-0920: HTTP error 'page not found (505)' on attempt to open URL

      I did go through the explanation given in the forum (URL => Oracle 10g - iSQL*Plus URL issue Unfortunately, I am still unable to run the script from a HTML page. I have done as what has been written the forum but still no go. I did move the files (script.sql & script.html) to htmldocs folder. But it did not help. I do not know whether both have to be moved or any one of them. Which one has to be moved? Please help.

      b) I am running Oracle 10g on a stand-alone machine at home. I would like to run a script which is present on my machine in some folder. I do understand that we can do that by using this method:

      Browse=>Load=>Execute option from the iSQL *Plus work screen. But, is it possible thru' the URL. I am using the following URL:


      After accepting the user credentials, it gives the same error as mentioned in qtn (a) above. Please help.


      K. Sridhar.