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    Buttons in bi publisher report.


      Is it possible to have radio buttons, check boxes like in java application is bi publisher reports.?

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          yes we can



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            Hi Avinash,


            What I want is, in the top of th ereport, we have only dropdown boxes, and we select one of the option from the available drop down and clicks on view.

            Instead of drop down boxes,is it possible to have check boxes/radio buttons etc..

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              Oh you were saying about the option having check boxes and radio at the report definition parameter pane yes it is only if you are on

              Enhancements to Parameter Display Options

              Enhancements to parameter display options include:

              Support for radio button and check box display of values

              Parameters that are defined as a menu in the data model can now be configured to display the menu options as a list of radio buttons or check boxes. Parameters configured to support one value support the option to display as radio buttons. Parameters configured to support multiple values support the option to display as check boxes.

              New options for placement of parameters in the report viewer

              Previously the report viewer always displayed the parameters in a horizontal region across the top of the viewer. In this release the display of the parameter region can also be configured in one of the following ways:

              In a vertical region along the right side of the viewer

              As a dialog

              As a separate full page

              New report viewer action button to show or hide parameters

              This release adds an action button to the report viewer to enable users to hide or show the parameter region. This enhancement complements the new parameter display options. When report parameters are configured to display as a dialog or in a separate full page, the parameter display region is dismissed when the viewer displays the report. Use the Parameters button to redisplay the parameter region to make new selections.

              Search added to menus

              All parameter menus having more than a specified number of options provide a Search option. For more information, see Section, "The Parameter Search Dialog."

              Option to remove the Apply button

              Reports can now be configured to remove the parameter Apply button. In these reports the action of selecting a new parameter value automatically reruns the report.



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