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    Replicat process abended


      Before replicat process abended, I received warnings and inserted in exceptions table.
      "Error - OCI Error ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition " . One of the table doesn't have the partitions on the target database. 51 rows inserted in exceptions table.

      Replicat process abended after the database restart.

      Steps followed to start the replicat process :-

      a) We have added the missing partitions to that table.
      b) Get the RBA info from - info replicat repa, detail
      c) alter replicat repa, extrba 80711767

      Replicat is running successfully. But the problem is Source database row count is not in sync with the target database.
      Source record count - 2000. But the target count is 500. Nearly 1500 records was not replicated.

      Is there any way to replicat the missing records on to target machine through goldengate?
      Do we need to prefer datapump utility to load the data?

      Please help me!!!