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    Change End Screen in UPK

      Is it possible to change the "end" screen without re-recording the entire topic? I would like to delete the one that is marked end and make the next to last slide the end. It won't let me delete the end screen so I am wondering if there is a work around rather than re-recording.

      B J
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          Hi B J,

          This is indeed possible - as long as you still have the developed content in UPK.

          1. Open the topic in question in UPK Developer
          2. Ensure that you can see the Frame Structure Pane (View --> Panes --> Frame Structure)
          3. Click on the Frame you want to move, then select Edit --> Copy Frames
          4. Click on the Frame where you want to paste the copied fram and select Edit --> Paste Frames
          5. Delete the Frame you copied from (the end frame in your case I presume) and then you should have the order you are looking for!

          Hope this helps!

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            Hi B J,

            I also forgot to mention... When you have the topic that you are working on open; if you still need to record a screen that is not yet in your topic that you would like to include, simply select the second-last frame in the Frame Pane, and select Insert-->Missing Frames. This will bring up the recorder and allow you to record another screen to add to your existing topic. Then you can follow my steps above to move it around in the topic Frame Pane.

            Hope this helps!

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              I tried to follow your steps but found that I cannot paste the copied frame past the end frame. The paste icon becomes greyed out when I select the end frame. This means I am stuck with the end frame I recorded in the first place.

              Have you found the same? My UPK version is 11.1.

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                There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest would be to use the recapture screenshot feature in the topic editor. However, you will need to set up your system with the target application in the state you want it to get the right screen shot (in your case, make the target application look exactly like the screenshot in the frame just before the end frame). Once the target application is set up the way you want, open the topic in the topic editor in UPK, select the end frame, then Edit - Recapture - screenshot. When the recorder appears, activate the target application and press [PrintScreen].

                I know it is sometimes difficult to get your target application to look exactly like you want. Another way to accomplish what you want is thus:
                1. go to the frame that has the screenshot you want to use for the end frame.
                2. Select Edit - Screenshot. This will open the screenshot in your default image editor (usually mspaint).
                3. Assuming your image editor is mspaint, select Edit - select all (or Ctrl+A) to select the entire image and then Edit - Copy. Now the screenshot is on the clipboard.
                4. Close the image editor (if prompted to save, say No), this will return you to the topic editor.
                5. Go to the end frame and select Edit - Screenshot. As before the screenshot opens in the image editor.
                6. Paste/Ctrl+V the image from the clipboard. Now save the image and close the image editor. Your end frame should now have the screenshot that you want.