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    GoldenGate and Oracle rowid data_type

      Hi i read that GoldenGate doesn't support Oracle ROWID data type, and i need to replicate some tables that have a column with this data type,
      is there any other way to do this?, i know that the value of the rowid is not useful for the secondary database but what happens in a replication
      ACTIVE-STANDBY and there is a failure on the primary database and you have to use the secondary database as the ACTIVE database
      You have to capture the transactions on the secondary to apply them later on the primary, but again i would like to know if someone
      knows ¿What is the best way to work with this kind of data type?

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          UROWID is not supported, ROWID is.

          Page 14, 11.1.1 Oracle installation guide
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            Thank you for your answer stevencallan i read the 11.1.1 Oracle installation guide and you are right there you can find that ROWID data_type is supported,
            but as i told i read and if you could read Oracle 11.2.1 Oracle Installation and Setup Guide you would find on Page 15 that ROWID is not supported.

            So in conclusion now i'am a little bit confused about this topic, does any one has worked with this data type?, i'am working with Oracle GoldenGate 11.2.1 i
            will experiment, and i would apreaciate any advice.

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