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    extension.xml and catching compile event in sql developer


      recently I've been trying to make a few plug-in/extensions for sql developer. One allows you to search through entire schema to find and procedures or functions that utilize any given procedure or function, this one works fine. The second one and the one that is giving me trouble is an extension that allows you to see if any items (procedures, functions,...) are broken, the goal with this one is for it to do this task automatically when a procedure or function is compiled to show if the compilation of the function or procedure broke anything else. I have this one working as a button in the toolbar and choice in the main menu, but I can not for the life of me figure out how to hook it on to a compile or run event. Please help!!!!

      here is my extension file so far:

      <extension id="brokenSearch" version="1.0" esdk-version="1.0" rsbundle-class="infinTech.brokensearch.Res"
      <name>Broken Search</name>
      <trigger-hooks xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/ide/extension">
      <!-- TODO Declare triggering functionality provided by extension: infinTech.schemasearch -->

      <!-- TODO Declare functionality provided by the yourcompany.showmepassword extension. -->
      <jdeveloper-hook xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/1013/extension">
      <action id="infinTech.brokenitems.BrokenItems">
      <property name="Name">Broken Items</property>
      <property name="SmallIcon">${OracleIcons.PLACEHOLDER}</property>
      <property name="LongDescription">Broken Items</property>
      <site idref="navigator">
      <site idref="editor">
      <site idref="explorer">

      <!-- Hook into menus and toolbars -->
      Add the action in its own separator group at the top of the File
      <menubar id="javax.ide.view.MAIN_WINDOW_MENUBAR_ID">
      <menu id="javax.ide.VIEW_MENU_ID">
      <section id="schema.search"
      <item action-ref="infinTech.brokenitems.BrokenItems"/>


      <toolbar id="javax.ide.view.MAIN_WINDOW_TOOLBAR_ID">
      <section id="SCHEMA_SEARCH_SEACTION" weight="2.0">

      <item action-ref="infinTech.brokenitems.BrokenItems"/>

      <description>Simple utility that finds any/all broken items.</description>