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    Obtaining the section group(s) a hit occurred in

    Mat T

      I'm using Oracle Text for the first time and have an index based on a fairly complex user datastore which collates quite a few clob and varchar2 columns. The source (which column) of the data is maintained via section groups so that searches can be limited to specific pieces of data when required. If a search is performed over many (or all) section groups is there any way to find out which section group(s) the hit(s) occurred in? I can use ctx_doc.snippet, but this doesn't show the section groups(s). I can also use ctx_doc.markup to return the entire synthesised document with the query terms marked up, but I'm only interested in the snippet(s) where the query term was found and the section group(s) it was found it. I could post-process the output from ctx_doc.markup, but it seems very wasteful to produce the entire document fetching all the clobs when really all I care about is part of one or two of them.

      Is there a way to obtain this information?