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    unable to find flatfile path of project while running as jar


      Iam developing one jar file.
      In my project ther is one .txt file and one XYZ folder.
      .txt file contains some file List,In my project Iam reading the .txt file and creating the files listed under the .txt file
      for this i am just passing the file path as File f = new File(".

      I just exported this project as an executable jar.
      While running from the eclipse workspace, its working fine.But while iam running as a jar file it's unable to find the "FileList.txt" which was bundled in Jar.
      As for my knowledge "." will fetch from the directory where we are running.Instead of passing as ".
      FileList.txt", how i have to pass to make the jar file to find the .txt file

      Could anyone help me in this

      Thanks in advance