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    Space not showing Documents Service.

      Dear Experts,

      I have configured Webcenter in EM -> Webcenter -> Settings -> Service Configurations and created an active connection to WCContent Server and bounced the Spaces Managed Server.

      The issue is,
      1. Not able to see Documents service for a Space Template while creating a space.
      2. So there by, Not able to see Documents page after creating any space.
      3. Goto Administration of the newly created space, Could not find Documents service under 'Services' and no 'Documents' page under pages tab.

      But, If I create a custom page, I could add Documents related taskflows to the page through Resouce catalog in Composer and the page is rendered successfully showing all contents under a folder. So, this proves that the documents service connection created in EM is configured correctly.

      Please help me if I am missing any configuration that toggles the documents service.