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    Clientgen Ant task dose not with inline refered wsdl


      I need some help or guidance on an issue. We have a wsdl given below, which has two wsdls, one is the base wsdl and other an inline wsdl referred inside the base wsdl. When the proxy client is deployed the client refers or expect the inline wsdl to be present in its current location/META-INF/wsdls, but we have all the wsdl and xsd under the jar root / META-INF/wsdls folder. Have you come across such issue or guide me how to resolve this issue?


      the issue is its is looking for the wsdl file at ....
      but it is at... APP-INF\lib\SmmAMService_KK1.jar\META-INF\wsdls\

      My clientgen generated service class has
      static {
      URL url = null;
      try {
      URL baseUrl;
      baseUrl = com.oracle.xmlns.apps.crm.smm.smmservice.applicationmodule.common.SmmAMService_Service.class.getResource(".");
      url = new URL(baseUrl, "META-INF/wsdls/SmmAMService.wsdl");
      } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
      logger.warning("Failed to create URL for the wsdl Location: 'META-INF/wsdls/SmmAMService.wsdl', retrying as a local file");

      When I modify "url = com.oracle.xmlns.apps.crm.smm.smmservice.applicationmodule.common.SmmAMService_Service.class.getResource("/META-INF/wsdls/SmmAMService.wsdl");" the error is gone

      Does anyone know whether this issue is fixed and if so which version of WLS/ Jdev?