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    Error in Oracle BI EE Analytics when running a direct database request

      This is in the Oracle Answers portion of the Analytics tool. When a query is entered into the Direct Database Query text box and the "Validate SQL and Retrieve Columns" button is clicked, the columns are indeed returned (which would seem to indicate that the connection pool settings are correct etc.), but when I click on the results tab it throws an error:

      View Display Error
      Error generating view. You don't currently have the necessary privileges to execute Direct Database Requests.
      Error Details
      Error Codes: OAMP2OPY:Q4NU7XSN
      Invalid Handle Of 'class saw::NQWebView *' Exception

      I am at a loss trying to figure this error out - clearly it is connected to the DB since it can see column names, and I was able to use the Administration tool to create a repository which Analytics can use, so why can't I directly query my database? Any help would be greatly appreciated.