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    Tag Problem

      I want to use our own customized tag use within xdofx tag.......

      eg: <?xdofx:upper('john') || customtag:Fact(5)?>

      it gives no output.

      Anybody help...
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          Can you explain a bit as to what you are trying to achieve?

          Are you try to concatenate the text "customtag:Fact(5)" to the name in the RTF template? If so, you could do the following:

          <?concat(xdoxslt:convert_case('john ', 'upper'), 'customtag:Fact(5)')?>

          • 2. Re: Tag Problem
            no i am not concat the text.

            custom tag is not text it is funtion which is created.

            my question is, i am created a custum function for bip,
            If this funtion is write alone like <?bipext:Asc('asc')?>
            it runs fine but.

            when i merge this with xdofx tag it gives no out put.

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