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    Free Application Server

    Ajay Sharma

      I developed webservices useing JDevloper. My requirement is I need a free application server for my serve. OS on server is Oracle Enterprise Linux.

      Also i want to know that how can i deploy my webservice to remote application server using JDevloper 10 as right now mow I am using Standalone OC4J for deployment

      Previously when I tried to deploy using JDevloper it prompt with an error of oracle home directory..

      Please Help me out for this..

      Thanks & Regards,
      Ajay Sharma
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          A wild JDeveloper forum appears!

          JDeveloper and ADF

          As for an application server... you did not do any kind of research at all, did you? I mean when there is google and wikipedia, there is simply absolutely no reason at all to post these kind of questions in a forum. Check out the beautiful comparison table:


          It even mentions which servers are free.
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            Ajay Sharma
            Thanks for the reply..

            I know some application server but i posted here bcoz I want it to integrate with JDevloper.

            I want to deploy webservice to a Application Server which is free at the same time can be integrated with JDevloper 10g. So that i can directly add that server to my jdevloper using connection wizard and will not prompt me nay error related to Deployment Descriptor.

            Ajay Sharma
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              Well if you're in any way a qualified dev, you'll figure it out.
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                Ajay Sharma

                Thanks but I am not yet qualified developer. I am new to JDevloper and web services :)

                Please help me for this issue. About how to deploy webservice to application server using jdevloper ?


                Waiting for Reply

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                  I already helped you by posting a link to the jdeveloper forum. Your question is not about web services, its about how you use your tools. Reading the manual or a good book is how people tend to do that, they don't go to a forum and expect to be tutored.