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    Apache Plugin - Using WebLogicCluster within <Location>


      We're looking at using different weblogic servers/clusters within our Apache configuration. I understand the ideal way to do this is using virtual hosts within Apache. However, one of our sites is based on the URL path and not the domain. For example:

      www.mysite.co.uk --> should use Weblogic cluster 1
      www.mysite.co.uk/AdminAccount --> should use Weblogic cluster 2

      I've had a look at the docs and the comments in this example (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11035_01/wls100/plugins/apache.html#wp125150) seem to imply that WebLogicCluster is not allowed in a <Location> block.

      However, in another in example in the same docs, you can see WebLogicCluster has been used witihin a <Location> block (See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11035_01/wls100/plugins/apache.html#wp128593).

      Please can someone confirm, whether it is valid to use these parameters in a <Location> block. Also, does the same apply for <LocationMatch> blocks?

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          Yes you can. We have done it here. Here is an example:

          <Location /testpage1>
          SetHandler weblogic-handler
          WebLogicCluster weblogicserver.my.domain:7003,weblogicserver.my.domain:7005
          <Location /testpag32>
          SetHandler weblogic-handler
          WebLogicCluster weblogicserver.my.domain:7007,weblogicserver.my.domain:7009

          In this case ports 7003/7005 are one cluster of weblogic managed servers and ports 7007/7009 are another cluster of weblogic servers.

          Note that we have ran into issues where we used WebLogicCluster in a global location <Location /> and put WebLogicHost in a subsequent one and it always loaded the Cluster variable (so WebLogicCluster has precedence WeblogicHost).

          It works in LocationMatch as well.

          Edited by: matman on Aug 13, 2012 10:17 AM - added "SetHandler weblogic-handler" to the second Location tag
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            Thanks for your reply! We won't be using specific cluster config in the main location block, so shouldn't come into the precedence problem.

            Good to hear other people have had success with it. :-)