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    Is there a 4000 char limit for an xlsx cell during export?


      SQL Developer 3.1 build 07.42
      Windows 7 OS
      32 bit install
      querying an Oracle 11gR1 database

      I'm attempting to export query results in xlsx format. One of the fields of output is sourced from a CLOB datatype, and some records have greater than 4000 characters. It appears to me that the field is truncated during export to 4000 characters, and an ellipsis is appended -- resulting in a character count of 4,003 characters when the file is opened in Excel. When I view the query result set on screen, the full CLOB data appears. I'm checking a test case where there are about 4,060 characters.

      1. Is it true that this truncation is happening?
      2. Is there a way to change preferences/settings to allow an amount greater than 4000? Say ... 6000 ... if I wanted to make a change to my install.

      I cannot seem to use a workaround of an alternate flat-file format. There are double-quotes, line breaks, and carriage returns in the CLOB fields, and when I attempt to import flat file into excel via the import wizard - these 3 character types together cause excel to think that there is more than 1 cell of data.

      I tried searching this forum for similar posts, and the internet, but I couldn't find any posts of others mentioning this scenario or solutions.