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    JSF1.2 Bridge | RequestScopedBean constructor is not executing on page load


      We are working on Weblogic Portal 10.3.2 and using JSF 1.2 for portlet development. We have some code in our request scoped JSF bean, but that is not getting executed with every page reload.
      Below is the issue:-
      Restarting the portal and is working for once.
      Again reloaded this page, but it is not working.
      Went to portal console and removed the portlet
      Refresh the page
      Again went to portal console and added the portlet
      This time, it again worked for first time and not for further requests.

      We are publishing an exclusive event for refreshing the portlet, however request scoped bean constructor is not getting executed.

      It is very critical and urgent. Any input will be helpful.