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    Restart DRM through cmd script

      Hi experts,

      Is there a way to restart DRM app through a cmd script instead of manually going into the Console and restart it there? I need to do this on a nightly basis as a requirement and I would hate to wake up at 2 AM every night to do it myself :) Thank you!!
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          This is not a supported approach. You should never write directly against the DRM repository.
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              If your batch processes are using a domain account that has administrative access on the DRM primary app server, you can bounce the service from a script easily. I've done this with 11.1.1, which only has one application, so bouncing the service was all there was to it.

              However, with 11.1.2, bouncing the service would bring down all DRM applications running on that server, which could be very a bad thing. And, one you restart the service I don't believe you can start an application with a web service call since you have to have an application context to make a the web service call in the first place, i.e. the application has to be started already. Better would be to start and stop just an application from a script, but to my knowledge the only way to start the application is through the console in 11.1.2. I haven't looked into this deeply though...
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                Thanks Naren. Unfortunately we do have multiple applications on the server so we don't want to restart the whole service. We just want to restart the process manager for a specific port.
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                  Have you tried the Windows net start and net stop commands, you just need to pass the DRM service name, but as stated by Naren all the applications will get refreshed,

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                    Ramesh KJ
                    As mentioned use the net stop and net start command in your batch file or below command in your batch script

                    net stop [Oracle DRM Server Processes]
                    net start [Oracle DRM Server Processes]