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    audit purging error in DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.init_cleanup


      Im in a process of enhancing my audit tables usage by using following document,


      Im running oracle on SunOS. My AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ tables were on SYSTEM tablespace and I moved them to a newly created AUDIT_AUX tablespace as per the above documents first step says (Moving the Database Audit Trail to a Different Tablespace).

      And then after that, when I do the Initializing using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.init_cleanup package it gives following errors.

      ORA-46267: Insufficient space in 'SYSAUX' tablespace, cannot complete operation
      ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT", line 1087
      ORA-06512: at line 2

      when I go through oracle note [804624.1] it says that, when I run the init_cleanup it checks for space in SYSAUX tablespace. But the thing is I've already moved the audit tables to AUDIT_AUX tablespace.
      - I just want to know is it tries to move AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ to SYSAUX tablespace or is it just checks for the space?
      - Is it possible for me to just increase the SYSAUX tablespace size as it needs and resize it to previous level after init_cleanup done?