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    What is the URL for the demo J2EE apps


      I have installed OAS, Installation typeis J2EE and Web cache, on SuSE 8.

      After installation I can load up the home home page :


      and I can login to EM Console at:


      When I log into the EM and find what sample/demo apps are installed on J2EE I can see:

      ADFBCManager     home
      BC4J     home
      default     home

      What I cant figure out is how to run these damned apps. What URL do I key in to try these?

      More over, if I deploy an app (I successfully deployed one from Jdeveloper), what is the URL for these apps?

      I also not that there are servlets under the install directory:


      Hello World
      Request Info
      Request Headers
      Request Parameters

      But how do I run these from the browser? What is the URL? There dont seem to be any links to these on any of the served up pages.