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    Allow Recipients Per Transaction

      I am using Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server 7u4-19.01 64bit (built Sep 7 2010) and to my knowledge our organization has the maximum number of recipients set to 400. We have this set in the /message base/config/tcp_local_option and tcp_intranet_option. (ALLOW_RECIPIENTS_PER_TRANSACTION=400)

      Now yesterday an account was hacked and over 25k messages were sent out before it was caught. Looking over the logging and specifically in the hacked users sent folder I see 4 messages that were sent out to thousands of addresses in the bcc. Shouldn't the above rule have caught and prevented any more than 400 recipients per message? Is there something else I should be doing to help ensure this doesn't happen in the future?
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          ALLOW_RECIPIENTS_PER_TRANSACTION causes the tcp_smtp_server to stop accepting more RCTP TO commands, but the client is free to go ahead and send the message to the recipients already accepted and start a new message to the remaining recipients.

          The fact that you see Bcc recipients on the message in the Sent folder indicates it was put there by IMAP APPEND (ie, save a copy in the Sent folder) rather than thru the MTA.

          Also see the disconnectrecipientlimit channel keyword:
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            Should the disconnectrecipientlimit channel option go in the imta.cnf or a channel option file like tcp_local_option?
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              It goes on the channel definition in imta.cnf.