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    NFC java card contact reader OK, but contactless can't select the applet..


      hope to solve the problem here..

      I read many entries, some of them helped me really.. But I still have some problems..

      I develop a Java Card applet and install it in a sim card..

      I have a contact reader ACR1281U, and contactless NFC reader ACR122U.

      With a contact card reader (ACR1281U) I can select the applet with the ISO-7816 APDU commands and communicate without any problem. Everything works fine..

      The problem:

      I have an Otiglobal COPNI™ (Contactless Payment and NFC Add-On):

      I use this Add-On, to communicate with the simcard via contactless reader..

      Unfortunately, if I send the same APDU commands, I always become the response 6A82, which means no file found..
      It seems I can communicate with the sim via ISO-14443, but not ISO-7816..

      Do I have to initialize something in the applett or the reader to work ISO-7816 and select the applet via NFC reader? or something else? like to activate the reader or the applet for NFC..

      Or am I on the wrong way?

      Thanks in advance..

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