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    Load testing Sharepoint site - 401 Unauthorized HTTP response code


      I am fairly new to scripting load tests and have come across an issue while scripting for Sharepoint logins. I have no problem recording the process (currently have my personal username/password saved - which isn't ideal but I'm attempting some troubleshooting), but when I play it back, I always receive "HTTP response code: 401 Unauthorized". For some reason, on playback, the saved login credentials are not recognized. So, I have a couple questions that I'm hoping someone might be able shed some light on:

      1. Is sharepoint testing possible with OATS (via HTTP recording) or is this a lost cause? I feel that the login procedure with a separate window opening up causes issues.
      2. Is there an alternate way to pass the login credentials (ie java code)?

      Thanks in advance for any help provided.